Single contract and companies that don’t dismiss bonus


The temporality is one of the biggest issues of the spanish labor market. It is a problem for the workers, because they cannot establish a future plan in the short or medium haul. This week the C’s group will present their proposal to try and fight against this precarious situation. In order to do so they propose to award with a bonus and a single contract those companies that dismiss the less.

This is an old aspiration of the orange formation, that has been announcing since a time ago what is their idea of model labor. It is about an indefinite single contract, in which the employees may have the right to a compensation of 20 days for objective dismissal and 33 for unfair dismissal. This contract would start the first year of the compensations that actually have part-time contracts but then would begin rising as long as the employee stays in the company.

To encourage companies to keep these employees citizens betting on social security contributions to the companies with a lower turnover rate. It ends this way with the duality of temporary and indefinite contract, although many say that it is really being done to all the precarious.

If it is the worker who voluntarily leaves the company would go with what they have called a “backpack of rights”, which would give them the right to compensation of 8 days per year worked. It is about offering a way out to those people who do not want to continue in a company, a kind of incentive to change companies or work on their own.

Beyond the criticism that can generate the proposal and how complicated it has to get ahead by the lack of support, the truth is that precarity is a problem that very few are willing to face. It is more important the flexibility than employee safety, despite Inspection actions. There are simply many companies that do not want to assume the cost of undefined workers.

One example is the situations that occur in companies in the tourism sector with workers who should become fixed discontinuous; avoid re-hiring them at the time so that they do not have this right. And this is bad for the employees, but also bad for the companies that have to look for another worker they will have to form. Perhaps that is why they claim to extend the contract of scholars to over 45 years. The truth is that while the unemployment level is high, this model of rotation is easy to maintain.

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