In Uber the men earn more Money than the women but there is no discrimination


In the last years, we have heard several news and claims in different areas of Spain about the need of achieving the wage equality among men and women.

A recent research “TheGenderEarnings Gap in theGigEconomy: Evidencefromover a MillionRideshare Drivers” in January of 2018 from the Stanford University, they have analyzed the wage difference between United States Uber driver which are more than a million of people.

The study has exposed that there is a salary wedge of the 48% if we take as our starting point the monthly weekly salary, 397,68 American dollars in the case of men against the 268,18 American dollars of women.

We can ask ourselves: Why is the reason of these salary wedges inside of the Uber company?

The lawyer Axel Kaiser encourage the controversy of the research about the salary wedge of Uber. “The research shows that in Uber women earn 7% less than men, and that’s because the algorithm is impartial to difference of gender”, he tweeted on his account.

He added: “men know how to take advantage of the system, they drive faster and they do it on hours or more dangerous places. Or it is an algoropatriarchal conspiracy?”

One of the principal authors explain that the wedge comes from the limitations of the development in the work area
John List, one of the principal authors of the research about the salary gap in Uber, said that the differences in the behavior between men and women are due that women usually have more limitations to develop in the work area. “Men work more hours and they do more travelling than women”.

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