Has the paper curriculum disappeared?


A woman looks to the camera and talks about her economical situation. Soon she will be out of work and hat day she has a job interview. How did she find the offer? Through the internet. Her salary can barely afford to pay the electricity, the water and food, but she believes that she needs to have access to the net in order to find a job.

And she’s right. I remember in one occasion, after offering my curriculum paper they gave it back to me with the next phrase “Send it through e-mail”. It is hard to find a job but the offers are distributed in the same place.
The specialized webs are the first option to find a job. It is true that at the end the offers can be repeated, but is one of the ways to find a job.

The experts on human resources can guide by having on mind our training and profile which they can discharge us. Let’s be realistic, to several jobs to have profile on Linkedin it’s not the best option.

For a simple reason, the support may have changed, but what really works are the contacts that we have. The numbers prove it and so does the reality. Not on paper or the internet, what helps to get a job, a miracle nowadays, is to meet the right person.

The thought of “let’s expect the crisis to see if there’s any offer” it’s in the past, it’s forgotten. The families, the relatives, the friends, are more effective than the Public Employment Service. In fact, it is almost a legend to have received a call to work from there.

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By optikm

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