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In Uber the men earn more Money than the women but there is no discrimination


In the last years, we have heard several news and claims in different areas of Spain about the need of achieving the wage equality among men and women. A recent research “TheGenderEarnings Gap in theGigEconomy: Evidencefromover a MillionRideshare Drivers” in January of 2018 from the Stanford University, they have analyzed the wage difference between United States Uber driver which are more than a...

Single contract and companies that don’t dismiss bonus


The temporality is one of the biggest issues of the spanish labor market. It is a problem for the workers, because they cannot establish a future plan in the short or medium haul. This week the C’s group will present their proposal to try and fight against this precarious situation. In order to do so they propose to award with a bonus and a single contract those companies that dismiss the less...

Has the paper curriculum disappeared?


A woman looks to the camera and talks about her economical situation. Soon she will be out of work and hat day she has a job interview. How did she find the offer? Through the internet. Her salary can barely afford to pay the electricity, the water and food, but she believes that she needs to have access to the net in order to find a job. And she’s right. I remember in one occasion, after...

From the bits to the clause, and from there to the cryptocontracts


In Xataka you’ve been told in more detail about the smart contracts, this is why we’re going to abstain of talking again about the new fundamentals of them. Also, we analyze for you from these lines, many of the most advanced characteristics and their potential risks, from a point of view more original and less common. But the fact that we’re going to focus in the today’s analysis is in its...

Programming the economy: the smart contracts that can make you lose money without knowing it


The Ethereum’s smart contracts are an innovation that has reached to the cryptoeconomics by the hand of the Russian programmer that created the Ethers, the young Vitalik Buterin, and that add an interesting functionality to the concept of cryptocurrency under the Blockchain that SatoshiNakamoto surprisingly inaugurated with Bitcoin. But under the nature of the software code that is apparently...

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